Batia Magal Art Studio & Gallery

Batia Magal is an artist whose works are on exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the US. Batia is a graduate of the Avni Institute for Fine Art and the Midrasha for Art in Beit Berl. Batia teaches painting and mixed media techniques at her studio in Kefar Maas. She also teaches engraving and silk-screen print techniques at the school of art at Kalmaniya.


The studio is located in Kefar Maas, near Petah Tikva, at 20 Ilanot Street (free parking is available). Classes are given on sketching, drawing and painting as well as printing and mixed media. All classes are in small groups, and students receive individual attention and instruction. There is also a personal program for creating portfolios for admission to art, design or architecture schools.

Activity schedule

Classes are held on Sunday mornings, 10:00-13:00 and on Tuesdays between 09:30-12:30 and between 19:30-21:30. Additional groups may open in the future.

Classes are held in small groups of up to 10 persons at a time. Work is individual, according to each student’s interests and needs.

Gift Idea

An intense 4-session workshop including sketching, painting, etching and silk-screen printing.
Registration and Fees

All are welcome to a free introductory session without obligation. Registration is either for a three-month period or to individual classes.

Additional Activities

In addition to the regular classes, other joint activities include tours of art galleries and museums and nude model painting.

For more details or for a free introductory class, you are welcome to call Batia at: 03-9327158, 054-4544722 or Please leave your name and telephone number so I can return your call.

Thank you for your interest,

Batia Magal