Graduate of the Avni Institute for Art in Tel Aviv, as well as Sculpting, Photography and Print Methods in Kalmania Art School in Kefar Saba. 
Her works are presented at art galleries in Israel and abroad.


1989 - Gallery 13 ½ , Jafa
1992 - Helga Kramer Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1993 - Top Gallery, Limburg, Germany
1994 - Institut Für Graphik Design, Hamburg, Germany
            Wetzler Cultural Center, Wetzler, Germany
1995 - Chase / Freedman Gallery, Hartford, Conneticut
            Galax Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1996 - J. Richards Gallery, Englewood, New Jersey
1997 - Moria Gallery, Maryland 
1998 - Kew Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2001 - Group exhibition in protest of violence against women, at Studio 
            Aman in Hadera
            Weinberg House, Holon
            Bar-David Museum, Bar’am
            Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv
2003 - Group exhibition, on the subject of Freedom, at Hanita Museum
2004 - Group exhibition at the Yavneh Workshop for Art
            "A Woman at the Top", installation at Mishkan Le’omanut, Holon
2005-2006 - Works on display at Safrai Gallery, New York