Batia Magal was born in Israel in 1953. From childhood onwards, she displayed a marked talent for drawing and an all-embracing interest in art. It is therefore not surprising that after finishing high-school, she was accepted as a student at the Avni Art Institute, where she came under the tutelage and influence of such well known artists as Streichman, Wexler, Propes and others.

Magal's work has over time developed along various lines, all of which converged and fused into a very personal and feminine statement. For several years now, Magal has been exploring additional fields of the fine arts, such as photography, printing methods, etching and engraving. 

It is characteristic of Magal’s paintings that the flowing calligraphic drawing of the female figure is the centerpiece which forms the structural basis of the work. The pieces which are displayed in this catalogue portray women in their natural environment. Magal's models are seductive and self indulgent. Composed in their intimate space, they project a hidden secret. 

Magal creates her art at a studio located in the scenic countryside. Additionally she teaches at the Kalmania Fine Arts Institute.